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PowerApps Component Framework

I have encapsulated what I consider to be the essence of the framework in order to share its potential. In this document you will find :

✅  Structure of a component 

✅  Life cycle of a component with examples

✅  Introduction of React and virtual component

✅  Deploy with Power Platform CLI

Many users has appreciated this guide so don’t miss it ! 

Live Session

Global Power Platform Bootcamp

In this session at the Global Power Platform Bootcamp in Milan, I illustrated the new feature Enhanced component properties. In the session I showed how, thanks to this property, we can improve the synergy between a component and the main app, also having an impact from a performance point of view.

In order to figure out the benefits introduced by the property, I prepared a demo that starts with the creation of a set of REST APIs, then moves on to the definition of a custom connector and a component to be used in the main app.

In this session you will learn how to create custom events to send to the main app.

You can find all session’s material on my github.

Enhanced component properties

Find out how to improve the synergy between a Power Apps Canvas and the component Library.

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